30-Jan-18 - Letter re meeting with NHDC and copied to all councillors
Letter re meeting and copied to all councillors
  23-Jan-18 - Email sent to NHDC and copied to all councillors
email to NHDC and copied to all councillors
  22-Jan-18 - Negotiations - email trail with Scholes, Sep-17 to Jan-18 -
email trail with Scholes
  22-Jan-18 - Email trail with Needham, August 2017
Email trail with Needham
  04-Jan-18 - Letter to Cabinet - Requesting NHDC return to the negotiating table
Letter to NHDC
  19-Dec-17 - Presentation to Cabinet - Following refusal of CEO to negotiate
Presentation to Cabinet
  5-Sep-16 - Open Letter - Response to NHDC
Response to NHDC
  31-Aug-16 - Annual General Meeting - AGM Notice Report and Proxies
AGM Notice Report and Proxies
  22-Aug-16 - Press Release - War of Words & Misinformation from NHDC
War of Words & Misinformation from NHDC
  17-Aug-16 - Press Release - Explanation of Current Position
Explanation of Current Position
  11-Aug-16 - Letter to NHDC - Response to NHDC letter of 2nd Aug 16
NHDC letter re LTO
  02-Aug-16 - Letter from NHDC - re Licence to Occupy LTO.
NHDC letter re LTO
  24-Mar-16 - License to Occupy Agreement to enable NHDC to complete the snagging list as per the Schedule in the Agreement.
Licence to Occupy Agreement
  10-Aug-16 - 14/15 Brand Street, Keys Obtained, Disabled Access offered
Keys obtained DDA access
  03-Aug-16 - Press Release: 14/15 Brand Street, SAVED FROM DEVELOPERS
Saved from Developers
  27-Mar-14 - Comet "Groups fear for the future"
Future in doubt
  20-Mar-14 - Comet "Town Hall project hits a brick wall"
Concrete wall - vandalism
  25-Sep-13 - Press Release: Further Boost to development
14 & 15 Brand Street purchased
  9-Sep-13 - Signing of Development Agreement with NHDC
Signing of Development Agreement
  22-Jul-13 - Annual General Meeting Notification - including Agenda
AGM Notice & Agenda
  22-Jul-13 - Annual General Meeting - Proxy Form
AGM Proxy
  11-Sep-12 - Charitable Status confirmed
Charitable Status confirmed
  11-Sep-12 - Charity Registration
Registration Certificate
  08-Apr-1901 - New Town Hall - Grand Dramatic Opening
New Town Hall


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